At every stage of your life you have financial questions, concerns, and goals. Our job is to help you address them.

Personal Wealth Management

We offer ongoing wealth management services for families and individuals who want to be financially secure, successful, and responsible. Our financial planning and investment management services are based on your needs across all the areas of your personal finances, including:

  • Retirement: Are you saving enough for retirement? Can you afford to retire? How much can you spend and not outlive your money?
  • Investments: Are your investment return goals and risk tolerance in sync?
  • Cash flow: How much are you saving, and is it enough?
  • Income taxes: Are you taking advantage of strategies to minimize your taxes? Are your investment portfolio and withdrawal strategy tax efficient?
  • Education funding: What are your goals? Are you saving enough? What is the best way to save and invest?
  • Insurance: What types of insurance do you need and how much?
  • Estate planning: Who will make important financial decisions on your behalf if you become unable to? Do you have a living will? Who will inherit your money?

We understand each of our clients is in a different stage of life, and we will meet you wherever you are. When you work with us, we will address your current goals while we proactively help you prepare for whatever lies ahead.


Financial Planning Consultations

We offer a comprehensive financial plan with limited advice for clients who do not yet qualify for ongoing wealth management because most of their investable portfolio value is in an employer retirement plan with limited investment options. Our financial planning consultations can help you answer questions such as:

  • Can I retire in five years?
  • Can I retire and not outlive my money?
  • How much retirement income can I safely withdraw from my portfolio?

If you are interested in a financial planning consultation, please contact us for an analysis of your situation and fee schedule.

Investment Management

The research by Nobel Prize-winning economist Eugene Fama of Dimensional Fund Advisors is fundamental to both our investment philosophy and strategy. We don’t try to time the markets; instead, we focus on the long term in achieving the returns needed to attain your goals.

We believe that the best investment strategy to achieve the investment returns you need is:

  • Passive
  • Broadly diversified
  • Low cost
  • Tax efficient

What’s more, we have adopted a “total portfolio approach” that uses both asset allocation and asset location strategies to integrate all your accounts so they work together to achieve your goals.


Our Process

  1. Getting to know you: We gather your financial and investment information, identify your needs and priorities, and explore your values, attitudes, expectations, and time horizons.
  2. Educating and managing expectations: We develop investment objectives and policies, develop a frame of reference for investment performance, and discuss our investment philosophy.
  3. Implementation: We meet with you to discuss your financial and investment strategies, including asset allocation and asset location, then begin implementing your plan.
  4. Ongoing review and contact: We continually track the performance of your financial and investment strategies, including portfolio rebalancing. We meet with you regularly to make sure your strategies remain aligned with your goals.

Our Fee Structure

We offer an annual fee-only structure for personal wealth management that comprises two parts:

  1. Fixed annual base fee covering personal financial planning services
  2. Fee based on the percentage of the market value of your investment portfolio under our management

The minimum annual fee for personal wealth management is $7,200 a year and is designed for clients with investable portfolio market values of $750,000 or more.

For young accumulators (clients age 35–55 with annual incomes of $100,000-plus and who are saving a substantial percentage of their income), we may waive the minimum annual fee with the expectation that the portfolio will reach $750,000 in a reasonable time.


Initial financial planning and portfolio design fee: We charge a separate, one-time fee for initial financial planning and portfolio design. This is a flat fee customized according to your situation. It typically does not exceed the equivalent of what the monthly fee would have been for the time period involved.

For our personal wealth management clients, we typically spend one to three months on the initial work, which includes data and account gathering, account transfers, a portfolio proposal, and implementation. We do not start charging our personal wealth management fee until the initial work is completed.

Financial planning consultation fees: Our fees are based on the complexity of the services provided. We typically charge a flat fee or hourly rate. The minimum fee is $2,400. The typical fee runs from $2,400 to $5,000.

As a fee-only firm, we want you to know exactly what you are paying for. Please click on the link below to download a PDF describing our fee schedule.