You Are Invited to Join the 1% Club!

At first blush, reading an invitation to join the 1% club probably makes you think about the top income earners who are so frequently referenced in public debate about wealth and income taxes. Who wouldn't want to join the 1% club?

"Better now than later, better safe than sorry. Good words to live by!"
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A Different 1% Club

We are recommending that you join a different 1% club; one that is more realistic and within reach for almost anyone. Join the club by increasing your retirement plan contribution 1% in 2014! You will be the big winner in the long run and you will be glad you did it.

There is so much written about the retirement savings shortfall in the U.S. that it can lead most people to despair. The general conclusion is that there is no hope, so why bother trying? But only one thing is for sure: Any negative financial situation only gets worse the longer it is ignored! Start nibbling away today and the long run results may surprise you.

How Much Are You Saving?

We generally recommend that people save 10% to 15% of their income, (for some high income earners, the number may be even higher). Most people save 3% to 6% to qualify for their employer's maximum matching contribution. Going from 3% to 15% overnight is understandably a very big jump to make and unrealistic for most people. But bumping up 1% a year each year will help you achieve your goal in the long run.