With the Quarter's End, We Take a Look at Market Returns

Take a look at the following investment market returns as of June 30, 2017. As you can see, general stock market returns have been high, with the pendulum swinging in favor of international stocks (especially international emerging markets) over U.S. stocks. However, value-style and U.S. mid and small company stocks have lagged large company stocks. Bonds have provided modest returns but are our anchor during any storm in the stock market. Overall, we are pleased with our diversified strategy.     Year-to-Date 2017

MSCI ACWI IMI Global Stocks +11.32%
S&P 500 US Large Co Stocks +9.34%
MSCI USA IMI US Value Style Stocks +5.08%
S&P Midcap 400 Stocks +5.99%
S&P SmallCap 600 Stocks +2.79%
DFA US REIT +2.50%
DFA Commodity Strategy -4.09%
MSCI World EX USA International Stocks +13.59%
DFA Int’l Emerging Markets Core Fund +19.00%
U.S. Aggregate Bonds +2.27%

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