Personal vs. Web-Based Financial Advice

Technology is a wonderful thing. It has dramatically improved our access to information. But is it a double-edged sword? Is information the same as advice? Can the web be a substitute for, or a supplement to, personal advice?

Ask yourself the following:

  • Would you see a doctor for medical advice or do a web search?
  • Would you consult an architect to design your house or pick a blueprint from a website?
  • Would you consult an accountant for a tax question or rely on the IRS website?

While you could rely on the web for any of the above, should you?

We live in a complicated world, but we are fortunate to have experienced, knowledgeable professionals in many specialties. The web can supplement, but not replace, personalized professional financial advice.

At Berno Financial Management, our goal is to give you the advice that you need, tailored to your specific situation, or to refer you to a specialist when needed and then coordinate implementation of that advice.

Personal, professional advice should always put your interests first. Can you trust the web for that?

About Bruce J. Berno, CFP®
Bruce J. Berno, CFP® is the founder of Berno Financial Management, Inc. a fee-only comprehensive personal financial planning and investment advisory firm headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since 1993, Berno Financial Management has been helping individuals and families achieve financial peace of mind. For more information about Berno Financial Management, visit