Fun Facts Newsletter | March 2014

Diversification works in quiet and wonderful ways. Remember those words. While 2013 was a strong year for the stock market, bonds and other asset classes, especially commodities, incurred losses. Real estate had a 1%+ gain.

Turn the calendar year page to 2014.

For the two months ending February 28, 2014, look was has happened:

+9.5% Real Estate Investment Trust fund
+8.1%    Commodity Strategy fund
+3.8% Ohio tax exempt bond fund vs 3.2% loss in 2013
+2.74% National tax exempt bond fund vs 1.5% loss in 2013
+1.9% Intermediate taxable bond fund vs 1.9% loss in 2013
+2.8%  Inflation adjusted bond fund vs 9% loss in 2013

So, as you can see, bond funds roughly made up all if not more than their 2013 losses in the first two months of 2014 (except for inflation adjusted bonds).

The question is, "Who'd a thunk?" Who would have thunk that this would happen? Granted, two months is only two months and trends can reverse themselves. But this is exactly why short term market forecasting is a futile exercise, even when something appears "obvious," like interest rates will go up and bond prices down.

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