Financial Planning Must Be Inspired by the Heart

With February comes the celebration of St. Valentine's Day, which leads us to highlight a financial planning belief that isn't commonly considered: Successful financial planning must be inspired by the heart. Financial planning takes time and effort and requires the sacrifice of today's pleasures for tomorrow's. Why would we do this? We do it because of our heartfelt desire for financial peace of mind for ourselves and because of our love for those most near and dear to us. Have you ever thought of financial planning this way?

What Does Your Heart Want?

There are many things we "should" do or "want" to do but, in reality, we only get done what we truly commit our hearts to accomplish. Think of the priority you assign to:

  • Your relationship with your spouse or significant other
  • Your relationship with your family
  • Your relationship with your friends
  • Your mental well-being
  • Your physical well-being
  • Your spiritual well-being
  • Your career or avocation
  • Your financial well-being

It's OK to Ask for Help

Some people can accomplish all they want on their own. Most cannot, due to limitations in expertise or time. Most people need some help from other people.

For example, some people enhance their physical well-being with the benefit of a coach or trainer or by being on a team for support. Since personal financial planning is confidential by nature, it is hard to achieve in a group setting. You can do financial planning on your own, but most people don't have the time or expertise. There are also behavioral finance obstacles that are best managed with help from another person's perspective. In other words, you may need another person's insight before you can see how you need to change your behavior.

A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional is best qualified to serve your comprehensive personal financial planning needs.

Put your heart into it today. Your financial peace of mind will be greatly improved.

"Successful financial planning must be inspired by the heart."
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About Bruce J. Berno, CFP®
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