What Is Your Life Expectancy?

Mortality tables will tell you the average life expectancy is in the low 80s. But for many of us, there is a reasonable probability of living to age 90 or 95. An informal scientific analysis may be informative. One website that may be helpful is It asks 40 quick multiple choice questions and should take about 10 minutes to complete. (Hint: it will be helpful to have your latest blood pressure and cholesterol test results.)

The website provides personalized feedback on all of your answers and a "to-do" list for you and your physician. For example, it may suggest that if you lose "x" pounds or exercise "x" times more a week, you could add "x" number of years to your life expectancy. We do not endorse this website for medical or financial planning advice, but consider it an interesting tool and kind of fun.

"What Is Your Life Expectancy?" could be the question that will make you the life of the party at your family Christmas gathering!

Let us know if you try it and what you learn!

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