Bruce Berno Joins with Social Venture Partners Cincinnati

Bruce Berno, founder and President of Berno Financial Management, announced today that he has joined Social Venture Partners Cincinnati as a partner.


SVP Cincinnati serves as an accelerator for nonprofits. The organization and its partners invest financial support and intellectual capital into promising nonprofits, acting as business advisors, mentors, and consultants to the organizations.

Berno Financial Management previously included SVP Cincinnati in a blog on local opportunities for encore careers.

“I’ve been searching for an opportunity to meet new people who share my interest in philanthropy. I  feel called to help build and strengthen our community, and I think that SVP Cincinnati offers an ideal opportunity for me to do that,” Berno said.

Berno, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, founded Berno Financial Management in 1993. He leads a team in providing fiduciary, fee-only financial planning and investment management to clients throughout the Cincinnati area.

As a partner with SVP, he has agreed to make an annual contribution that is pooled with other donations to fund supported organizations. Partners can also take advantage of education sessions, peer learning programs, and volunteer projects.

“Social Venture Partners does more than just donating cash to charities. SVP Cincinnati provides strategic planning and management expertise to help charities achieve their mission.”

For information about Social Venture Partners Cincinnati, visit its website at

Contact Bruce at or 513-474-9191.